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Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine is a diagnostic method based on imaging functions and metabolic activities of organs by using radioactive substances.

Moreover, administering radioactive substances at higher doses enables treatment of particular cancers.

Diagnostic devices;

Gamma Camera (Scintigraphy) and PET / CT.

Functional disorders of many organs can be assessed with Gamma Camera (thyroid gland, kidney, brain, bone etc.).

PET/CT is an inevitable imaging method with no alternative in the field of oncology that is used to diagnose the oncologic disease (cancer), to evaluate response to therapy and to determine recurrences.

Imaging the Prostate Cancer with Ga-68; 

In addition to routine PET/CT scan, the prostate cancer and neuro-endocrine tumors can be diagnosed and staged with the Gallium-68 labeled peptides.

Please click for further details about the “GA-68 PSMA – The Gold Standard in Imaging the Prostate Cancer”. 


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